Ensuring security with the return of festivals and events

Last week (22nd February), Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the roadmap for leaving lockdown and, if everything goes according to plan, the restrictions on social contact could be lifted on 21st June. Of course, this isn’t set in stone and is dependent on vaccine rollout and the number of cases, hospital admissions and deaths as a result of COVID-19, but is a date for many hospitality and entertainment companies to work towards.

The lifting of these final restrictions will mean that night clubs, festivals and any other large outdoor gatherings can finally function as they were pre-COVID. Although this is a welcome relief for the organisations involved, the hard work starts now to ensure that they are well equipped to meet the demands of the inevitable surge in popularity when the time comes. This blog from T-Class Security, your number one pick when it comes to event and festival security, highlights the importance of a safe and secure setting during mass gatherings.

Ensuring the safety of everyone involved

Once both crowds and potential performers are inside the venue, it is the responsibility of the security guards to protect them. They are meant to be quickly on hand if any fights break out in the area, which can be an all too common occurrence if alcohol is involved. They should also ensure that the people on stage are safe too, as they can often be targeted by flying objects or potential intrusions by people trying to get up close to their heroes. By employing expert security guards, you are making sure that the event or festival is a place where people can enjoy themselves in a way that is safe. Let’s face it, after multiple lockdowns, enjoyment is something we all deserve!

Maintaining order throughout

Many people think of event security guards as being enforcers who use their physicality to break up fights and to eject people out of the venue that are breaking rules. However, the primary objective for event security is to be of assistance in any way they can. They should be the first port of call if you have any questions about the event such as when the main act is supposed to be on, how to enter or exit the grounds, or where the nearest loo is!

A team of friendly and expert security guards will be able to make attendees feel secure and confident, whilst enjoying live performances.

Keeping things organised

Large scale events can get out of control quickly if not managed properly, due to the sheer amount of people present. Security guards should keep a close eye on any potential overcrowding as this can prove especially dangerous – as we have unfortunately seen all too often in the past. This is also extended to safe entry and exit of the venue because, when the event has reached its conclusion, many people will look to leave at once.

A good team of security guards will ensure a steady stream of people entering or exiting the venue at one time, making sure that attendees can be escorted in a way that is safe and organised.

Do you need security for your festival or event?

If you are getting ready to host a festival or event once normality has resumed, then it is best to starting preparing as soon as possible. We are one of the most reputable and respected event security companies in the country, so if you want to ensure the safety of your performers and attendees, T-Class Security can help!

To get in touch with one of our team today, make sure you give us a call on 020 3794 8182 and we can discuss your requirements with you in detail. We are also available to contact via email at info@project1-bnqhakakm1.live-website.com or through our online form, which allows you to get in touch without even leaving our website.

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