Our Static Guarding Services in Birmingham

Everyone wants to make sure that their business is in the best hands possible, even if they are not there to oversee proceedings. Particularly in facilities that are open around the clock, it is sometimes hard to establish a security method that has more of a physical presence than a security camera, but have you ever considered static guarding in Birmingham?

At T-Class UK, we have worked with many Birmingham based companies to ensure that their grounds are kept safe and secure at all times, with the help of our professional security guards. Each of our guards is Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenced before we even employ them, as we only look for the best means of keeping you safe at our reliable and well-renowned security company.

We work with all kinds of businesses and private homes that feel like they could benefit from the presence of a security service to make their building safer than ever before. This also expands into the retail sector, as we see many companies having greater peace of mind (and a decreased amount of crimes involving their facilities) when using our static guarding in Birmingham.


We have found that many companies ask T-Class to do much more than just roam the grounds of their property with the sole purpose of preventing intruders, and we are more than happy to oblige! Security guards perform an all round job of protecting you as a whole, this doesn’t necessarily mean just by detaining potential unauthorised personnel. We pride ourselves on providing an all round service at T-Class UK.

If your Birmingham based business need us as a way of preventing fires or flooding during quieter hours, or to save company resources by turning off machinery or lighting that has been accidentally turned/left on, then be sure to contact the team at T-Class UK, and we will be glad to discuss your requirements with you.

Manned Security Services

For more information regarding our Static Guard Services in Birmingham please contact our team today via phone 0203 794 8182 or through our contact form and our team will be happy to discuss your specific needs.