How to better manage security at a festival or event

After a long year of lockdowns, face masks and social distancing, it is almost time to welcome large scale events and festivals back to our calendars. Of course, for many, this is a time to rejoice, and a chance to finally let off some steam after a tough year. But for security companies in London and beyond, the planning starts now to ensure said events and festivals go by without a hitch. With many people waiting in anticipation for a chance to enjoy large events with friends once more, it leaves more possibility of disturbances and security breaches.

As a result, it is worth ensuring tight levels of security to keep the people under your responsibility safe at all times. Here are some ways in which you can guarantee effective[JG1]  security protocols at an event or festival.

Consider your security guard distribution

Use this time to carefully examine the site of your event, and map out how you will distribute security throughout. If this area is outdoors then you should look to place more emphasis on areas that may be “easier” to enter through openings, low fences etc. to prevent unauthorised access.

You should also look to place a high-security presence near any dangerous and expensive equipment and/or stages or performing areas. It is good practice to have a team of event security guards patrolling the grounds picking up on any general misdemeanours or as a point of contact for people in need.

Complete a thorough risk assessment

It is crucial to ensure the health and safety of all involved by conducting a thorough risk assessment before the event begins. This should include clearly notifying event security of the location of medical and first aid facilities, and how to contact these facilities in an emergency, as well as carefully stating all fire safety protocols.

Moreover, a risk assessment can help to establish potential hazards – and, if necessary, how they could be dealt with in a way that is safe and effective.

Ensure team members communicate

Communication is key. Whether you are observing the event as a whole or in the middle of an emergency, good communication allows the festival security team to manage the event effectively. Daily briefings are a particularly good idea. And members of the team should have a reliable way of contacting each other, at all times. .

Effective methods of communication are a great way of keeping in control during an event, whether this is on a large or small scale.

Don’t forget about traffic

Events, especially festivals that see many people pass through their doors daily, encounter a large amount of traffic through transport in and out of the venue. To minimise the effects – and keep traffic jams to a minimum, [JG2]   event security companies can put security measures in place, closing designated roads and limiting access to keep traffic flow steady.

Prepare for the worst

Although the last thing we want to think about is a major incident taking place at a large scale event, these are the kind of occasions that are the most likely to be targeted, so preparing for a large scale breach of security will likely help you save lives if the time comes. You should be well trained in dealing with a major threat to the safety of everyone involved, so you can manage the situation in a way that protects the people under your responsibility.

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