Our Surveillance Services

More and more people are using surveillance for a variety of reasons. This could be anything from suspecting a disloyal partner or catching people causing anti-social behaviour outside your property. The fact of the matter is, we all have a right to ensure that behaviour is present and correct when it concerns our lives, so any form of surveillance is usually welcomed.

There are many forms of surveillance, including methods via computers, telephones or drones, but the kind of surveillance we specialise in here at T-Class Security is corporate. Here we are able to use our specialist security guards to give you a London surveillance service you can be happy with.

Covert Surveillance is the terminology used to describe the monitoring, observation, watching or recording of a ‘SUBJECT’ usually a human being or group of people, but can also cover the surveillance of an object such as a high-value asset, or area of space without the knowledge or awareness of the individuals concerned.

Used by many authorities such as Police, Trading Standards, Border Force, Housing Associations, Local councils and Military organisations across the world it has become a proven tool in the prevention and detection of crime within the UK.

Covert Surveillance is often utilised in the private sector by a range of different individuals in a wide array of circumstances, such as a spouse suspecting their partner of cheating or an Insurance company trying to disprove a case of personal injury.

These reasons are not limited to the above circumstances and each case needs to be addressed on its own merits. However, with the ever-decreasing police resources combined with the lack of formal qualifications or licencing required to conduct surveillance, it is a growing economic industry often saving clients many thousands of pounds.

The team recently deployed in the hospitality sector to assist one of our existing clients with the detection of bag thefts during busy peak periods of trading. Something which historically would have been conducted by the local police. Privileged that many Metroguard surveillance operatives have learned their trade within such organisations enables us to achieve the highest of results and outcomes.


Our surveillance services also incorporate “penetration testing” which is the terminology used to describe the authorised and requested test/assessment of current or existing security policies or procedures. Our portfolio of clients includes national critical infrastructure as well as some of London’s most iconic and well-known buildings.

Surveillance services often come with preconceived ideas that they are going to be costly and expensive. Which is not necessarily the case. For more information or free no-obligation advice please contact us today via phone 0203 794 8182 or through our contact form and our team will be happy to discuss your specific needs.