CCTV or Guard: What’s best for your business?

Is CCTV or manned guards best for your business?

Do you worry that you’re not getting the most out of your current security system? You’re not alone. As it happens, picking the perfect security solution for your business premises is something we’re experts in at T-Class Security. So whatever industry you’re in, we’re confident that we can offer you long-lasting security and peace of mind.

With so many different security options out there, it can be tricky to know which will be the most effective. From work location to the type of business you’re in – every aspect can impact the type of security you should use, and it can be slightly overwhelming.

By far the most popular and reliable security options out there are CCTV and security guards. Both offer their own set of benefits and can be applied to almost any industry, but how do you decide between CCTV and manned security for your business premises?

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Four Reasons Your Business Could Benefit from a Security Guard Dog

German shepherd security guard dog

Whether your workplace requires an extra level of security, or you have experienced previous threats to your premises or staff – employing a security guard dog handler can be one of the most effective risk deterrents for your business.

At T-class security, we have worked with patrol dogs for a number of years and have seen first-hand how successful this type of security can be for both commercial and residential properties. Not only a valuable visual deterrent to potential burglars, security guard dogs can also become a loyal and trustworthy part of your workforce.

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