Our Physical Penetration Testing Services

Sometimes referred to as pen testing, or a pentest, physical penetration testing assesses your security risk from a hostile perspective.

Penetration testing services can help you understand and improve the effectiveness of physical security controls in data centres, offices, and other critical infrastructure to stop the loss of data in the event of a break-in.

What is physical penetration testing?

A pen test is an assessment of an organisation’s physical security controls, including:

  • Locks
  • Fences and perimeter walls
  • Security guards
  • Cameras and CCTV
  • Sensors
  • Windows and doors
  • Biometrics

Plus, any other, site-specific areas that must remain secure.

During your assessment, a skilled and certified penetration tester will attempt to gain access to all areas of your building, identifying any weak spots. They will then offer guidance on improving the security design that you can work on – which can be invaluable when developing your physical security in new or existing premises.

This mimics a malicious, criminal attack and allows you to implement any changes needed to maintain the security of your staff, sensitive information, and specialist equipment.

It is important to clarify that a certified pen tester completing a pen test is looking to access information and restricted areas to determine your physical security levels, not to actually steal sensitive data. This means anything uncovered during the test will be handled discreetly, adhering to all relevant confidentiality legislation.

Benefits of completing security penetration testing

The main benefits of penetration testing from T Class Security will be twofold:

  1. Exposing weak areas that can allow access

It’s not until you know you have a problem, that you realise you need to fix it. Security penetration testing from a certified penetration tester will highlight areas where physical security is lacking, allowing you to rectify them once and for all.

  • Giving a full understanding of the associated threat

Once you are aware of which areas are susceptible to unauthorised access, you can fully understand what intruders will have access to should they be successful. This can include anything from sensitive data to confidential paperwork, but identifying vulnerable documents or equipment allows you to prioritise remedial action.

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With maximum fines for GDPR breaches ranging anywhere from £8.7- £17.5 million, can you afford not to invest in your physical security?

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