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Spotting a shoplifter might not be as easy as you’d think. Depending on the type of shoplifter, behaviours can vary considerably.

For example, amateur shoplifters can be nervous and self-conscious, whereas professional shoplifters can often operate in groups, sometimes carrying items to circumvent security systems.

Recognising shoplifting behaviour requires keeping a close eye on your customers. But there’s little point in keeping a close eye on them if you don’t know what you’re looking out for.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the tell-tale signs you should be watching out for when spotting shoplifters in your store.

Signs to help you identify shoplifters

  • If a customer seems to be more interested in watching you and your staff than shopping, they may be waiting for an opportunity to steal items.
  • An individual getting your attention and talking to you at length for no obvious reason could indicate that an accomplice is shoplifting items in your store.
  • If a customer is taking little notice of your products, or picking random items up and putting them back without showing much interest, this should arouse suspicion.
  • If the same customer enters your store frequently, without ever making a purchase, this could be because they are shoplifting items.
  • They ask you to unlock cabinets without buying anything. This is another common distraction technique.
  • Leaving the store carrying bundles, bags that appeared empty when they entered, or bulky looking overcoats are all signs that an individual may be attempting to conceal stolen goods.

What to do if you spot a shoplifter

If you actually see someone remove an item from your store without paying for it, ask them politely to put the item back, but only if you feel it’s safe to do so. You should be careful to keep your tone neutral and always back off if you feel at all threatened.

You may call 999 if you feel it’s appropriate, although you should be aware that the police will generally only attend incidents involving theft over a certain value. Even on these occasions, they make take some time to arrive.

How retail security services can help with shoplifting

At T Class Security, we understand that neither you or your staff are likely to have extensive training in spotting criminal behaviour, or what to do in the event that you do notice something suspicious.

Our retail security services provide you with the assurance that your store, staff, and stock are well protected. Our retail security guards are highly trained in spotting suspicious behaviour, frequently identifying would-be criminals before a crime has even taken place. Should a theft, or any other criminal activity, occur in your store, you can rest assured that it will be dealt with appropriately and efficiently.

In addition to providing you with much needed peace of mind, our retail security guards are trained in customer service, making visitors to your store feel safer and more comfortable.

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