How does a security risk assessment work in retail?

Retail workers face a greater risk of abuse and violence than ever before. The 2022 Crime Report of the Association of Convenience Stores found that 89% of retail staff working alone faced some form of abuse at work.

In addition to this, the current cost of living crisis is causing a rise in shoplifting, which is predicted to hit the retail industry hard.

A security risk assessment is a great first step to improving the security of your retail premises.

Read on to discover how security risk assessments work in retail, and how they can help to prevent your store and staff from being targeted by criminals.

What is a retail security risk assessment?

In retail premises, security should be a top priority, as theft and abuse of staff are such common issues.

When you get in touch with us here at T Class Security, we will work with you to conduct a security risk assessment of your retail premises.

During the security risk assessment, one of our specialists will assess your entire property, including the layout of your store and any security measures and procedures you already have in place.

We will then make suggestions for any improvements that could be made and provide strategies to remedy any security issues.

How can a retail security risk assessment help improve your security?

There are several ways in which a security risk assessment of your retail premises can help to protect your store, staff, and customers. For example:

Retail security risk assessments can help prevent theft

A retail security risk assessment can predict the likelihood of theft and suggest strategies to help prevent any incidents.

These strategies could include improving the layout of your store or relocating high value items within it.

We may also suggest installations or upgrades of security equipment, such as CCTV, and discuss how retail security guards could help to mitigate the risk of theft from your store.

Identify other security issues

A retail security risk assessment can also help to identify and remedy other security issues.

Our specialist team can help you to plan for emergencies, create procedures for dealing with altercations, determine whether hiring new personnel may help with security, and identify the best locations for CCTV cameras.

What is the best way to improve retail security?

Retail security is crucial to any modern retail business. Whilst CCTV systems are vital to deter would-be criminals, the advantages of hiring retail security officers to work alongside your team should not be underestimated.

Unlike monitored CCTV cameras, retail security guards offer an immediate response to any threat. On hand at a moment’s notice, they can jump into action immediately.

Retail security guards are also a much more effective visual deterrent than CCTV, and repeat offenders are likely to be discouraged from visiting your premises if they see that it is well protected.

At T Class Security, our retail security guards are also highly trained in customer service, fostering a positive customer experience whilst safeguarding your store.

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