Should retail security be plainclothes or uniformed?

For some people, secondary school will be the last time they wore a uniform – and they will be quite glad of that fact!

For others, a work uniform is a daily necessity that helps them to do their job and often affords them extra protection while busy at work.

But how does this work for security staff? Should retail security wear plain clothes or a uniform like the police?

Read on to find out once and for all, thanks to the experts at T-Class UK.

Is uniform important for frontline staff?

Frontline staff work in directly customer-facing roles, meaning they work personally with customers and members of the public.

This includes a whole range of industries and professions, not limited to:

  • Healthcare staff – doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, care assistants, etc.
  • Retail staff
  • Protective government organisations – the police, firefighters, etc.

Uniforms make them easily identifiable, tie them to a particular brand or organisation, and can also keep them safe – acting as a form of PPE.

For these reasons, most retail security staff are also asked to wear a uniform of one kind or another – be it more casual, like a pair of dark-coloured work trousers and a polo shirt, or a full suit for more formal events.

Benefits of a uniform for retail security staff

Apart from making it easier for them to decide what to wear in the morning, the benefits of wearing a uniform for retail security staff include:  

  • Providing visual deterrence

Well-placed, uniformed retail security staff help them to be recognised – deterring potential shoplifters or troublemakers from causing disruption.

Spotting security staff easily reminds wrongdoers of the increased chance that they will be caught, making it much less likely they will try and steal, harass or target other shoppers.

  • Gives a sense of authority

Wearing a uniform often helps staff transition into work mode – giving them a sense of professional authority, responsibility, and focus.

This imbued authority prepares them for their daily role and mentally prepares them to be on the frontline.

  • Easy to find in an emergency

Just as we all try and spot someone in a uniform when we can’t find what we are looking for in a supermarket – members of the public will scan crowds of people looking for a uniform in times of trouble.

This could be whistleblowing on attempted shoplifters or even asking for help if they feel unwell – whatever the reason, retail security staff will be easy to identify.

  • Reassures the public

For shoppers who are planning to make very large or expensive purchases, the sight of retail security on the premises can help them feel secure enough to purchase what they need – safe in the knowledge that they, their money and their purchases will be protected.

This is especially true for retail spaces frequently targeted by shoplifters or anti-social behaviour – as this history can deter people from returning.

 SIA-licenced retail security staff for your shop

Retail security guards routinely help protect merchandise and ensure that customers are safe, whilst also providing a positive shopping experience.

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