scrimping on retail security can cost you money

With many retail businesses battling to stay afloat in the current climate, keeping overheads under control can be a real struggle.

This can lead some companies to attempt to manage without services that they would normally use contractors for, such as security.

Most of these businesses may not notice the benefit that their retail security services provide, until they choose not to have them in place anymore. By which time, of course, it’s too late. Mark our words when we say that cutting back on your retail security is a false economy. 

The negative impact of cutting back on retail security services

There are numerous negative consequences of cutting back on your retail security services. These include: 

Increase in crime

When you no longer have retail security services in place, you will be a ripe target for criminal activity. 

Organised criminal gangs do their research, and choose to earmark retail premises with little to no security. 

Additionally, opportunistic criminals will often be deterred by the sight of CCTV or a retail security guard. When the retail security services are removed, the deterrent goes along with them. 

This will inevitably lead to more theft, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour in and around your store. Whilst you may have decreased your overheads, this cost alone is likely to more than negate any savings you make.

Adverse customer perception of your business

Retail security guards provide a comfortable security presence for everyone. Without security guards in place, it can seem like you aren’t invested in your customers’ experience. 

If your customers don’t feel that you care, this could affect your business’ reputation. People may be less inclined to shop at your store – meaning less income for your business.

Additionally, our retail security guards not only ensure the safety of your customers, staff, and stock, but provide excellent customer service. Therefore, without our security guards, your own staff will have more work to do – again, costing you more money.

Increase in insurance premiums

There are also potential issues surrounding workplace liability and insurance that you need to take into account before even considering cutting back on retail security services

Once you remove your retail security solutions, your insurance premiums will rise – as your store will be at a much higher rate of being targeted by criminals. 

Sometimes, businesses fail to mention to their insurance provider that they have changed their security arrangements, to avoid paying higher premiums. This is definitely not a good idea. If you haven’t told the full truth to your insurance provider about your retail security, they will be unlikely to pay out if you ever need to make a claim. 

Get in touch to discuss retail security services

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