The Benefits of Choosing CCTV Security Monitoring


If you have security camera systems at your business premises or your home then it is vital you employ a reputable, experienced security firm, like T-Class Security, to perform CCTV monitoring services. This allows you to reap the benefits of a company whose expertise allows you to fully utilise your CCTV surveillance system.

We offer a varied selection of security services which are suited to premises which service businesses from numerous sectors and industries as well as to domestic properties. There are several benefits to opting for the video surveillance services of a London security company.

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Why Take Advantage of Manned Guarding Services


At T-Class Security we provide a wide variety of security services. Our work can be utilised to suit a number of different industries and sectors.

One service we offer is manned guarding. Manned security services are used to ensure the smooth and safe running of your business premises or domestic property. While not necessarily used to search for intruders there are many benefits to taking advantages of our manned guarding services!

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What is Key Holding?


There are many firms which seek the personalised, expert services of a specialist security firm like T-Class Security. We offer a variety of security services including key holding. But what is key holding? What are the benefits of key holding?

People can choose to utilise the services of a security key holder for a multitude of reasons. Below see a detailed explanation of what exactly keyholding is and why people choose to take advantage of the service.

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Why You Should Hire Security for an Event


When you are organising an event, no matter what it is, you must always ensure you have planned for every eventuality and in doing so it is extremely advisable that you consider hiring security.

How many people are going to attend? What measures are in place to keep attendants safe and secure? There are many things to contemplate and that is why the bespoke services of a professional, respected security firm like T-Class Security can prove incredibly valuable when you are looking into organising an event.

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New Wembley stadium contract

T-Class Security has been awarded a contract to provide security and stewarding services for Club Wembley at Wembley stadium.  This is a very prestigious contract and we are delighted that we have the opportunity to provide services at this iconic stadium.

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