4 reasons why concerts & music festivals need tight security

Behind every safe, well-run festival or music event is a team of security that have the wellbeing of the people they are responsible for at the top of their priority list. Whenever an unsavoury incident flares up at one of these events, whether present or not, levels of security is always questioned, before the actions of the perpetrators. This is why reliable security firms need to be hired to keep the masses safe while enjoying the experience.

There are many things that you should consider when looking for a security firm in London for a music event so here at T-Class Security we are here to share 4 key aspects you should think about when wondering why a top security team is so important.

Prevent overcrowding and crowd crushes

At an event or festival, you will almost definitely be met with large crowds that are all gathering in a confined space, each itching to get as close as they can to their favourite act. With this, comes a greater risk of overcrowding in spaces that may not be able to house the allotted number of attendees. This can lead to potentially fatal crowd crushes, which we’re sure you have heard about on the news at some point or another.

To counteract this, be sure to install strong, sturdy and effective security barriers with adequate numbers of security staff nearby to monitor the level of overcrowding that occurs to quickly take action.

Avoid recreational drugs from being circulated

Festivals and music concerts are a particular hotspot for recreational, illegal drug use. Especially in large scale festivals where camping is permitted, these drugs can often be circulated many times during its duration if not picked up by security.

Be sure to be thorough and diligent with drug checks and searches, both on the way into the festival grounds and by having security patrol the area, to catch any drug dealing or taking that occurs.

To give attendees reassurance

Any festival security guard or staff should be seen as being responsible and authoritative, giving people that attend an event peace of mind that they are in safe hands under their guidance. With this in mind, a member of security should always be confident that they can be of assistance – even if they aren’t particularly the right person to ask about a problem. As well as this, they should speak to anyone with an enquiry in a friendly way, one that is not seen as threatening or fearful.

To maintain the reputation of the organisers

With poor security, a festival/event is likely to gain a reputation of being poorly run and unsafe, detracting away from the music that the festival goers pay good money to go and watch. This can not only damage how a festival appeals to potential fans at the time, but also see attendance of future events decrease.

A weak level of security at an event can also lead to negative reviews of the security company that has led the program, losing business in the future. This is why a high level of festival security in London or the surrounding areas is imperative in keeping people safe, as well as the organisations involved in running the event.

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