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The reopening of retail stores and a “new normal” is proving to be a welcome return for many. This means that all your favourite high street stores should be back open for business, so you can enjoy browsing through them as you would have done before lockdown.

Safe social distancing rules should apply in most if not all of these stores, meaning there will be a reduction in customers. “This should mean less chance for robbery and anti-social behaviour right? Why would I need a security guard?” you may ask. Well, security guards are a vital component in keeping crime levels down in retail stores and shopping centres, and this won’t change after lockdown. We are here to tell you why.

Coordinating queues outside your store

We are sure if you have been shopping during lockdown you have had to queue at some point. This is to adhere to the reduced customer numbers that stores are implementing due to social distancing. Some stores have placed employees on “security guard duty”, managing queues and letting people into the premises.

However, most companies have trusted an experienced security guard to do this for them, so they are safe in the knowledge that their store is protected from potential misdemeanours..

Shoplifters could adapt

If you work in a store that sells expensive items, we are sure that you have all the security measures in place that make sure the risk of shoplifting is slim to none. This will likely include a top security guard to help with retail security in London or any other area in the UK. However, as you may have experienced in the past, a reduction in customers doesn’t mean that shoplifting will come to a standstill.

Sure, it will be harder for them to not be noticed when stealing items, but shoplifters adapt to find new ways of working. You may need a security guard to help restrain someone who is trying to run out of your store with an item, or that arouses suspicion. This gives you peace of mind that your store is entirely safe from shoplifting during opening hours.

Enhance your business’ reputation

Many people are now looking at businesses closer than ever in terms of customer led practice. A business’ reaction to COVID-19 is something that can make potential customers feel safe in their hands or put them off if they feel the opposite. This is no different with security – many stores have looked at security guard services in London to make their customers feel secure while shopping, and earn their reputation as a company that is welcoming and trustworthy..

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