Why communication skills are so important for a security guard

Why communication skills are so important for a security guard

In modern society, communication skills are becoming more and more important, and a good communicator is usually highly sought after in many fields of work. This is no different with security guards. Many security guard companies in London strive for the best communicators, as this is a very important attribute in selecting someone the best fit for the role.

Choosing the right security guard for your business should be a process in which you deliberate and carefully consider which one suits your requirements the best. Here at T-Class Security, we can work with you in choosing from the exceptionally high standard of security guards we employ so you can be more than satisfied with your choice.

This blog post highlights the importance of communication in the role of security, and why you should take note of this area of your preferred security guard’s skill set before you decide to hire them.

Gives your brand a welcoming feel

You should always look for a security guard that you feel will be the best fit with your brand. After all, they will be in and around your premises just as much as your employed staff!

What’s more, they will likely be situated at front of house, being the first person potential customers and visitors see before they enter your premises. This is why they should uphold your companies image in the way they conduct themselves and communicate with customers, whether this is verbally or through body language.

When choosing a security guard for your business, you should look for one that performs their job to a very high standard yet is still easy-going and able to communicate with customers in a friendly way. This is more likely to make your visitors feel comfortable in your premises and encourage them to visit again.

A seamless transition

Communicating well with members of staff is just as important as how a security guard communicates with customers. Once you have hired a security guard from a security company London, they are essentially a part of the team. This means that they should be willing to get the lowdown from a supervisor or area manager and have the confidence to ask members of the team if they have any queries.

Having a friendly and approachable security guard will improve morale throughout the working environment, ensuring there is not a distant relationship between co-workers and the security guard.

Ensures detailed and accurate reporting

Should an incident occur while your security guard is on shift, it’s likely that they will need to detain the person/people involved and call for back up (i.e. the police). It will need to be reported on to decide what happens next and your security guard will have to give a detailed account of the event. Concise and clear communication is vital here, as any misunderstandings could prove crucial in the process of punishing the offenders.

Hiring a security guard from a company you can trust, after looking through the many security companies in London, leaves you safe in the knowledge that any potential incidents that occur in your facilities are dealt with in an effective way.

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Prepare for life after lockdown with a retail security guard

Retail Security

The reopening of retail stores and a “new normal” is proving to be a welcome return for many. This means that all your favourite high street stores should be back open for business, so you can enjoy browsing through them as you would have done before lockdown.

Safe social distancing rules should apply in most if not all of these stores, meaning there will be a reduction in customers. “This should mean less chance for robbery and anti-social behaviour right? Why would I need a security guard?” you may ask. Well, security guards are a vital component in keeping crime levels down in retail stores and shopping centres, and this won’t change after lockdown. We are here to tell you why.

Coordinating queues outside your store

We are sure if you have been shopping during lockdown you have had to queue at some point. This is to adhere to the reduced customer numbers that stores are implementing due to social distancing. Some stores have placed employees on “security guard duty”, managing queues and letting people into the premises.

However, most companies have trusted an experienced security guard to do this for them, so they are safe in the knowledge that their store is protected from potential misdemeanours..

Shoplifters could adapt

If you work in a store that sells expensive items, we are sure that you have all the security measures in place that make sure the risk of shoplifting is slim to none. This will likely include a top security guard to help with retail security in London or any other area in the UK. However, as you may have experienced in the past, a reduction in customers doesn’t mean that shoplifting will come to a standstill.

Sure, it will be harder for them to not be noticed when stealing items, but shoplifters adapt to find new ways of working. You may need a security guard to help restrain someone who is trying to run out of your store with an item, or that arouses suspicion. This gives you peace of mind that your store is entirely safe from shoplifting during opening hours.

Enhance your business’ reputation

Many people are now looking at businesses closer than ever in terms of customer led practice. A business’ reaction to COVID-19 is something that can make potential customers feel safe in their hands or put them off if they feel the opposite. This is no different with security – many stores have looked at security guard services in London to make their customers feel secure while shopping, and earn their reputation as a company that is welcoming and trustworthy..

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So, has your retail business reopened its doors and you’re looking for a security guard in London to help protect your store? If this is the case, get in touch with the team at T-Class Security today! You can give us a call on 020 3794 8182, our office is open 24 hours a day so we will be able to help you anytime. You could also email us at with your enquiry or fill out our online form, the choice is yours!

4 reasons why concerts & music festivals need tight security

4 reasons why concerts & music festivals need tight security

Behind every safe, well-run festival or music event is a team of security that have the wellbeing of the people they are responsible for at the top of their priority list. Whenever an unsavoury incident flares up at one of these events, whether present or not, levels of security is always questioned, before the actions of the perpetrators. This is why reliable security firms need to be hired to keep the masses safe while enjoying the experience.

There are many things that you should consider when looking for a security firm in London for a music event so here at T-Class Security we are here to share 4 key aspects you should think about when wondering why a top security team is so important.

Prevent overcrowding and crowd crushes

At an event or festival, you will almost definitely be met with large crowds that are all gathering in a confined space, each itching to get as close as they can to their favourite act. With this, comes a greater risk of overcrowding in spaces that may not be able to house the allotted number of attendees. This can lead to potentially fatal crowd crushes, which we’re sure you have heard about on the news at some point or another.

To counteract this, be sure to install strong, sturdy and effective security barriers with adequate numbers of security staff nearby to monitor the level of overcrowding that occurs to quickly take action.

Avoid recreational drugs from being circulated

Festivals and music concerts are a particular hotspot for recreational, illegal drug use. Especially in large scale festivals where camping is permitted, these drugs can often be circulated many times during its duration if not picked up by security.

Be sure to be thorough and diligent with drug checks and searches, both on the way into the festival grounds and by having security patrol the area, to catch any drug dealing or taking that occurs.

To give attendees reassurance

Any festival security guard or staff should be seen as being responsible and authoritative, giving people that attend an event peace of mind that they are in safe hands under their guidance. With this in mind, a member of security should always be confident that they can be of assistance – even if they aren’t particularly the right person to ask about a problem. As well as this, they should speak to anyone with an enquiry in a friendly way, one that is not seen as threatening or fearful.

To maintain the reputation of the organisers

With poor security, a festival/event is likely to gain a reputation of being poorly run and unsafe, detracting away from the music that the festival goers pay good money to go and watch. This can not only damage how a festival appeals to potential fans at the time, but also see attendance of future events decrease.

A weak level of security at an event can also lead to negative reviews of the security company that has led the program, losing business in the future. This is why a high level of festival security in London or the surrounding areas is imperative in keeping people safe, as well as the organisations involved in running the event.

Contact us

Do you want to ensure that your festival or music concert has a high level of event security in London? Or do you have an enquiry about the security service we offer? If so, be sure to get in touch with our team today. Simply fill out our online enquiry form, or call us on 020 3794 8182. You can also email us at for a quick and informed response from us here at T-Class Security.

Security tips on staying safe at home during lockdown

Security tips on staying safe at home during lockdown

We’ve heard the reassuring phrase, “stay home, stay safe”, banded around a lot recently – and with good reason. As a nation, we are still in the thick of the coronavirus lockdown, which means that people from all walks of life are remaining in the safety of their own home to reduce the risk of catching and spreading the virus.

Lockdown can look different for everyone, and as one of the leading security companies in London, we appreciate that these weeks and months can be incredibly challenging. Even more so if security was already of the upmost importance to keep you, your family and your home safe.

How T-Class Security can help you during the COVID-19 lockdown

Although the majority of businesses across the UK still remain closed, at T-Class Security, we are proud to still offer many of our most vital services, including security guards in London, security for businesses and home security solutions such as our CCTV monitoring.

This means that for you, whether you are a high-profile individual or not, you can benefit from additional security to keep you and your home safe during the coronavirus lockdown.

Today, we’re going to be sharing three safety tips you can use to ensure the highest levels of home security as you do your bit to stay home, and stay safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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T-Class Security protecting businesses during Covid-19

Whatever industry you’re part of, there is no denying that the current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting businesses both big and small across the country. We understand how difficult these times are, and we want to help. To continue offering support during this highly uncertain period, the team here at T-Class Security remain open and are working hard to provide a range of security services to customers both new and old.

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Six traits found in a great security guard

Six traits found in a great security guard

Whether you work in retail, public events or as part of a corporate company – the chances are that at some point you may require the support of a security guard. Security companies in London are under a huge amount of pressure to supply highly trained security staff that are capable of performing well in a range of high-pressure environments. But what should employers be looking for in their security guards?

If you’ve never hired from a security company in London before, then you may be unsure where to begin in finding the ideal security staff for your specific business. Luckily, the core traits and values of a good security guard should be present across the board, regardless of the industry.

So, whether you’re looking for additional manpower, an on-site security guard for the entrance of your premises or additional protection for your staff – here are the types of things you should be looking out for.

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CCTV or Guard: What’s best for your business?

Is CCTV or manned guards best for your business?

Do you worry that you’re not getting the most out of your current security system? You’re not alone. As it happens, picking the perfect security solution for your business premises is something we’re experts in at T-Class Security. So whatever industry you’re in, we’re confident that we can offer you long-lasting security and peace of mind.

With so many different security options out there, it can be tricky to know which will be the most effective. From work location to the type of business you’re in – every aspect can impact the type of security you should use, and it can be slightly overwhelming.

By far the most popular and reliable security options out there are CCTV and security guards. Both offer their own set of benefits and can be applied to almost any industry, but how do you decide between CCTV and manned security for your business premises?

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Four Reasons Your Business Could Benefit from a Security Guard Dog

German shepherd security guard dog

Whether your workplace requires an extra level of security, or you have experienced previous threats to your premises or staff – employing a security guard dog handler can be one of the most effective risk deterrents for your business.

At T-class security, we have worked with patrol dogs for a number of years and have seen first-hand how successful this type of security can be for both commercial and residential properties. Not only a valuable visual deterrent to potential burglars, security guard dogs can also become a loyal and trustworthy part of your workforce.

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The Benefits of Choosing CCTV Security Monitoring


If you have security camera systems at your business premises or your home then it is vital you employ a reputable, experienced security firm, like T-Class Security, to perform CCTV monitoring services. This allows you to reap the benefits of a company whose expertise allows you to fully utilise your CCTV surveillance system.

We offer a varied selection of security services which are suited to premises which service businesses from numerous sectors and industries as well as to domestic properties. There are several benefits to opting for the video surveillance services of a London security company.

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Why Take Advantage of Manned Guarding Services


At T-Class Security we provide a wide variety of security services. Our work can be utilised to suit a number of different industries and sectors.

One service we offer is manned guarding. Manned security services are used to ensure the smooth and safe running of your business premises or domestic property. While not necessarily used to search for intruders there are many benefits to taking advantages of our manned guarding services!

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