Why retail security guards are so important for business

It’s a tough time for retail businesses right now. Having to deal with multiple national lockdowns and tier restrictions means an uncertain future for all involved in the field. But, as we are all for looking at the positives here at T-Class Security, you may want to use this down time to look at how your premises is ran, and to see if there are any changes you may want to make upon your return to opening.

One of these changes may be that you want to trust a talented security guard to keep your front of house safe and secure, as shop lifters are using the mandatory face covering guidelines to their advantage to make their identity less clear. With a security guard on your door, you are automatically deterring these criminals from targeting your store as a hotspot for this kind of activity.

Here are some qualities that expert retail security in London and around the country have to protect such businesses.

A watchful eye

One of the main advantages of hiring a security guard for your business is they can keep an eye over proceedings at all times, even if you and your workers are busy doing your job. They are usually positioned by the door of a building or shop in a retail setting, whether this is in a shopping centre or on the high street. Security guards are there to be called upon if and when needed, so their position at the front of the shop allows them to catch any potential shop lifters or to deal with any incidents in store quickly and efficiently, so the situation doesn’t escalate and get out of hand.

Having a highly trained security guard, much like the ones from T-Class Security that operate nationwide, allows you to focus on operations inside the store as opposed to always looking over your shoulder in case any suspicious activity is going on.

Skilled for when the time comes

The truth is, it is very rare that a security guard is called into action in the event of a crime being committed. But having someone on standby in case that does occur can be a huge advantage. No one wants to see their shop fall foul of stolen products, so if this does unfortunately happen to you, a trained security guard can help diffuse the situation immediately and detain the person in question until the police arrive.

A great security guard is one who is always alert and prepared for being called into action, no matter how long it has been since they have last had to deal with any trouble. Having  a talented security guard, who is always ready to do their job when needed, will give you peace of mind that you are in capable hands.

Ensuring the safety of customers and staff

The number one priority for a security guard should always be the welfare of the people inside the building they are guarding. Sure, it’s important to protect the shop’s stock and products. But it’s crucial that customers and staff always feel safe in the building – and having a security guard can help. . Their experience and ability in this field should give people inside the building peace of mind that they are going to be safe.

This can also enhance the reputation of the company that owns the building, as good retail security is likely to entice more customers inside, all whilst showing that shopping at said brand is a safe, comfortable experience.

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